Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If I were Sonia Gandhi

If I were Sonia Gandhi…                                           (1)
By then adverse set of circumstances, being a foreigner, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has acquired a unique position in the country that no other Prime Minister got starting right from Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.  Her position became like that of an Entrepreneur who owns his enterprise but employs others to run the same and give him the desired results. In doing himself one becomes involved in the activity and has to defend his action even if it is wrong.  An entrepreneur can easily sack his CEO if he has committed a mistake or not produced results as per his desire.  The present Prime Minister is replaceable, without falling of the Govt., unlike other Prime Ministers who themselves were Leaders of the Ruling party and could be removed only if their Government failed on the floor of the House.

As I come from business background, I would treat the Nation as an 'Entity' that shall rightly be called ‘India Incorporated’. Every citizen of the country – rich or poor, of any caste or creed, of any religion, male or female, educated or uneducated, new-born or old, is its share-holder.  All assets of the country belong to ‘India Incorporated’.  The CEO, in present case Smt. Sonia Gandhi, is like the Entrepreneur of India Incorporated.  The Dharma of the Entrepreneur is to be faithful to the Enterprise and develop it to the best of his/her capability.  After the expiry of his term – by loss of faith of the share-holders (in election), he is supposed to hand over the Enterprise to his successor in a safe, sound and better condition than what it was when he got it. 

With such background, I am starting a series of articles that will list what I shall do if I were Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.  All friends are requested to post their wish-list – like house, job guarantee, retirement benefit, etc. that they expect from their Enterprise through their CEO.  It will be my endeavor to work out a solid business plan to fulfill all wishes of India’s share-holders to the extent logical and justifiable in my series of postings.  The business plan shall be finalized after taking into consideration suggestion of all members.

Needless to say, my first target shall be to make India a Tax and Debt Free Nation – a role model for the entire world!

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